(Profit Factor Value 7, Size 4)

A relatively obscure Feudal/ Garden World discovered by the Explorator Fleets of Archmagos Mortigen Hale, it was claimed by their allies in the De Laurant Dynasty and valuable weapons from mankind’s past have been discovered in the once unremarkable planet

Planetary Profile

Blessed by the miracles of the Dark Age of Technology, this planet has undergone some form of terraforming, with temperate weather all year round, with milder climes in two of the ten standard Terran months owing to a minor elliptical orbit. Flat plains and forests dominate the world, punctuated by mountain ranges going from north to south for thousands of miles. There are no saltwater bodies on the planet, but vast freshwater lakes dot the planet, with rivers tracing from the mountains, feeding into the lakes which provide the primary method of transportation for the population.


An ancient Feudal world nestled in an obscure star cluster in the Koronus Expanse, little is known of its founding or development, but the Mechanicus Mission stationed on the planet has found evidence of their arrival in ships suspected to be from the Long Night. For one reason or another, they have degraded in technological knowledge and are now limited to pre-industrial levels of aptitude. In spite of the coveted traits of their world, it is no small wonder that they have survived what outside forces may have invaded their planet during their decline.

Recent events have transpired for them to accept the Imperial Creed, but life has gone on relatively unchanged for the people of Chauvenum, as the installed regent is their High Queen and the Rogue Traders have seen fit to not interfere with the world’s general administration. For the moment.

Society White_Knight.jpg

They have a relatively rigid structure of fealty in place, with a mysterious disposition to give deference to the women in society. From their High Queen, they have a network of fiefdoms ruled by other lords in their own realm, down to the lowly peasant. While dominated by a mercantile economy, with most working as craftsmen for a living, every able-bodied man is expected to act as militia while the women are almost always in a leadership position, either far from the front lines or leading the charge. While there have been no written accounts of any attacks on their planet, this curious preparation for battle is nonetheless ingrained into every child.

Those who do take up a living in military service to their liege have a reverse role tasked to them, being expected to have an artistic craft outside their duties. This creative pursuit is mostly expressed in portraits, usually of the painter using a mirror as reference. The tradition has been traced back to an old belief pertaining to a “Lady of Glass”, but has been replaced with the arrival of the Imperial Cult, with depictions of saints and of giants lifted into the heavens becoming the new popular subject.

Knights in White

A more direct incarnation of their deference to women can be found in the so-called “White Knights” of Chauvenum. With encouragement by the local Missionaria Galaxia, this order of knights have taken it upon themselves to volunteer themselves as the personal bodyguards of their new liege-lords. With the discovery of Titans and Knights in the cavernous holds of the original colony ship beneath the capital, the foundation of a new Knight House has become a point of discussion between the Dynasty and the Explorators supporting the colony.


Type = Ecclesiastical (If Colony’s Order value will decrease, you can choose to decease Piety instead; Start with Cultural Improvement Upgrade)
Representative = Colonial Representative (Reduce Complacency losses by 1, to a minimum of 1)
Representative Leadership = 4 ( +0 on Profit Factor Value)
Representative Trait 1 = Beloved ( +1 to Complacency)
Representative Trait 2 = Patron of the Arts ( +2 to Complacency, -1 to Piety)

Size = 4

  • Base Colony Size = 4

Complacency = 7 (Placated)

  • Base Colony Value = 1
  • Representative Trait = +2
  • Transport Infrastructure = +1
  • Water Management Infrastructure = +1
  • Food Production and Distribution Infrastructure = +1
  • Knight House = +1

Order = 5 (Orderly)

  • Base Colony Value = 2
  • Infantry Garrison = 1
  • Water Management Infrastructure = +1
  • Knight House = +1

Productivity = 6 (Productive)

  • Base Colony Value = 1
  • Mechanicum Station = +1
  • Transport Infrastructure = +1
  • Food Production and Distribution Infrastructure = +1
  • Colony is Orderly = +2

Piety = 2 (Not Pious)

  • Base Colony Value = 2
  • Representative Trait = -1
  • Ecclesiarchy Mission = +1
  • Cultural Improvement = +1
  • Legacy Belief System = -1

Profit Factor Value = 7

  • Size (4) = +4
  • Colony is Placated = +1
  • Colony is Productive = +2

Hard Infrastructure:

Transport (1) = +1 to Complacency and Productivity per level
Power Network (0) = +2 to Productivity per level
Water Management (1) = +1 to Complacency and Order per level
Food Production and Distribution (1) = +1 to Complacency and Productivity per level
Communication (0) = +1 to Order and Productivity per level

Support Upgrades: (Max Amount = Size)

Ecclesiarchy Mission (1) = +1 to Piety; Explorers gain a +10 to tests to rouse the locals, provided they appear sufficiently pious
Mechanicum Station = +1 to Productivity
Cultural Improvement (Piety) = +1 to noted Colony Characteristic
Infantry Garrison (White Knights) = +1 to Order


Feudal Technology level = -1 to Productivity
Culture of Artistry = +1 to Productivity
Knight House = +1 to Order and Complacency
Legacy Belief System (Lady of Glass) = -1 to Piety
Established Population = Re-roll Colony Growth results of increasing or decreasing Colony Size


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