457.798.M41 Sander’s Crucible

In the Orpheus Salient of the Jericho Crusade, three new initiates to the Deathwatch have their trial of fire as they are tasked with retrieving the datacore of a Watch Station in the planet of Sander’s Folly, which is in the process of consumption by the Tyranid menace. Insertion suffers complications as their Stormraven, the Lightning from Heaven, is crippled by the spores that drift in the upper atmosphere, forcing the Kill Team to abandon the vessel in the stratosphere. Landing miles from their objective, they fight running battles with the vanguard forces of the Tyranids before they are able to link up with human survivors and destroy the bridges leading to the Watch Station.

From there, they make a stand in the fortifications surrounding the station, making good use of the heavy bolter they salvaged from the Lightning from Heaven. They were threatened to be overrun by a Carnifex, but Brother Janus’ expert aim slew the beast with a single strike from his missile launcher. With the rare lull in the battle, they complete their objective and are extracted via Thunderhawk, along with the surviving serfs and humans from the doomed planet.

525.798.M41 The House of Dust and Ash

A recently-formed Deathwatch Kill-Team travels to the moon of Recrofne for repairs after a quick escape from Hive Fleet Dagon. There they are tasked by Inquisitor Quist to accompany her and one Havalir Helicos to the ruling council of the moon. After being ambushed by creatures that parody the Emperor’s Holy Space Marines, they catch a Heretek from the renegade forge world of Samech after convening with the council. A brief firefight with the help of an Imperial Assassin with the traitor’s mechanical abomination leave little doubt for the ruling council’s allegiances. The members for the council ultimately fared no better against the Emperor’s Finest.

999.799.M41 to 001.800.M41 The Simulcra Incident

During the Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension in Watch Fortress Erioch, a Xenos infestation managed to kill and replace not only nameless bonded serfs, but even Battle Brothers and one Inquisitor. The situation was quickly dealt with, but not without incidental friendly fire and flaring suspicions. Noted casualties include Brother Korvydae of the Raven Guard and Inquisitor Carmillus of the Crucible Resolviate. Adrielle Quist inherits her mentor’s position as Master of the Chamber.

396.800.M41 The Ghosts of Baraban

An experienced Deathwatch Kill-Team is tasked to investigate the unusual increase in psychosis in the ranks of the Guard, suspected to be Xenos in origin. The issue escalates when General Caroses, leader of a major battlefront succumbs and disappears. Even these renowned battle brothers are not immune to the planet’s effects, with visions of their most hated foes or cruel mockeries of their brethren. The source was discovered to be a strange Xenos artifact later identified as a “Delirium Trellis”, with the Tau already shipping one off-planet for study. Coordinating with a detachment of Storm Wardens and Imperial Guard forces, they launch a breakthrough assault on the Manta carrying the artifact.

With great skill, the Kill-Team manage to crash their Land Speeder into the Manta’s cargo bay before lift-off and commandeer the vessel after a tense battle with the hated Xenos’ battlesuits. It was noted in after-action reports that one of the battlesuits experienced a failure in its plasma missile launchers and promptly self-immolated in the final battles near-orbit and the Departmento Munitorium swiftly created a successful propaganda campaign around it.

425.801.M41 The Devourer’s Maw closes

In the Canis Salient, a Deathwatch Kill-Team is sent to secure the derelict Watch Station Skapula after their mission on Baraban. There they saw evidence of a desperate battle between what was evidenced to be space marines and an unknown assailant. Exploration reveals that some Marines garrisoned here were related to their resident Black Shield, now known to be one of the Ghost Knights. Salvaging the station as best they can, they prepare for an assault by what their Librarian foresaw as a dire threat.

Fighting off a Daemonic invasion in the station while attempting to bring the Gellar field online, Honor Guard Hyzeron banishes a greater daemon with a null-rod released by the Omega Vault with cover from the Kill-Team. With only minor injuries, their trials continue when a small Tau fleet emerges from the edge of the system intent on taking the station and its secrets.

Using their superior tactical abilities, they lure the ships into the gravity well of the gas giant that the station orbits in, forcing the Tau to engage in close range. This is when Quist arrives in her trump card, a mighty Battlecruiser helmed by a Rogue Trader. With their newfound firepower, they manage to force the Tau into a stalemate, and use a fighter screen to conduct a daring boarding maneuver into the Tau’s main vessel. Splitting the team in two, one inserts via a boarding torpedo while another await in a Land Raider for teleportation.

The two ships engage in pitched battle while the Kill-Team destroys the Tau ship from within. Their mission complete, they make their way to the Tau vessel’s outer hull, dodging friendly fire in their Land Raider before extraction. Unable to take the Land Raider with them, they set it to search and destroy against the Tau. Their victory is short lived when the leading edge of a new Tyranid Hive Fleet emerges in the far reaches of the system. Both sides are forced to fall back, while Quist stays to salvage what she can from the station.

While there were no Space Marine casualties, the Land Raider, Measured Response, was posthumously given the Final Rites of Decommission by Forge Master Greyweaver in Erioch.

524.813.M41 Lost to the Warp

The Deathwatch Strike Vessel Thunder’s Word is marked lost to the warp after failing to return two years after their mission to retake Skapula. The Kill-Team’s respective Chapters are notified of their loss.

999.813.M41 The Empty Tower

Quist steps down as Master of the Chamber in Watch Fortress Erioch without leaving a replacement, with intentions to visit the Calixian Conclave. The power vacuum results in many inquisitors vying for the vaunted position.

625.814.M41 The Talon Ascendant

A recently formed Kill-Team gain renown in both the Canis and Orpheus Salients of the Crusade with their skill at arms and bravery. Codified as Kill-Team Talon, they have filled the void that was lost when Kill-Team Hammer of Dawn disappeared.


Quist is last reported to have left Scintilla, boarding a Rogue Trader vessel bound for the withered sector of Askellon. Following demands of her censure and charges of Heresy, her genetic line is condemned until such as time as her own progeny exonerate her crimes or she is brought to Inquisitorial justice.

125.998.M41 The Visitors

An Imperial vessel unregistered in Segmentum Obscurus emerges in The Maw between the Koronus Expanse and the Calixis Sector, bearing heavy damage, but also members of the Deathwatch. They are quickly debriefed on current events by the Inquisition and seconded on temporary station with the Rogue Trader Mikaelus Seikilos and his vessel, the Praetorian, while their ship, named the Thunder’s Word, is put to dock for repairs. They make quite the impression on the Rogue Trader’s son who still treasures the holo pict from that fateful day.

184.999.M41 Footfallen

A Deathwatch ship, registered as the Thunder’s Word, makes port at Footfall in the Koronus Expanse for supplies, despite protests from the master of Footfall, one Faye Moria. The Kill-Team dispatched to retrieve the supplies is ambushed by a familiar foe. Fighting off a horde of Bronze Malifects, they make good their escape with the needed supplies and depart deeper into the Expanse.


████████ ████████ of the ████████ Dynasty find ████████████ in Pearl Moon, marking them as the latest bearers of their Warrant of Trade. From there, they will most likely make way for ████████ and then into the Expanse beyond. We are aware of their vessel’s peculiarities, and it can be said to be similar to the ancient Blade of Infinity. This makes them dangerous indeed.

I can only hope that the ██████████████████████████ will end.

Inquisitor █████,
Ordo ███████

368.999.M41 Grim Procession

A Deathwatch Kill-Team given leave to operate in the Koronus Expanse arrives in the Procession of the Damned. Here in the detritus of dead hulls and perforated wreckage they find a Battle Barge identified with the Ghost Knights. Exploration of the stricken vessel reveals little of the final moments of the crew aside from a grainy vid of a battle in the reactor room.

Their exploration is hastened by the rousing of a dormant Tyranid hive ship emerging from an ice comet. While their Strike Vessel quickly blasts the xenos vessel into submission, the hive ship has already released a horde of creatures in the Battle Barge in its death throes. Without the manpower to secure the Battle Barge, the Kill-Team focuses their defence around the bridge spire. Deploying all the heavy armaments they can, they thin the horde with demolisher round and turbo laser, with Brother Stahl of the Black Templars even coming to grips with the Tyranid Dominatrix in the last moments of the battle.

Taking stock of the items recovered, they find many relics and other sundry items, although one in particular, a silver chalice, holds significance. They also salvage the rare hull of a contemptor-pattern dreadnought from the Ghost Knight who they encountered in the ship.

They are last seen heading towards Footfall, with heavy damage to their ship. But no contact has been established afterwards, their status is unknown

402.999.M41 Final Fate of the Thunder’s Word

The wreck of the Thunder’s Word was discovered drifting Rimward of the Cinerus Maleficum, when the Navigator of an Imperial Viper-Class Scout Sloop had to make course adjustments by exiting the Warp. Despite their own lack of crew after a skirmish with a Slaughter-Class Cruiser went awry, they were able to tow the stricken vessel to the Breaking Yards to barter for repairs before returning to Port Wander.

Inquisitorial agents within the Breaking Yards note that no trace of the attendant Deathwatch Marines nor any article in their armoury was found. It was assumed that a Chaos Warband had attacked them and their left pauldrons shall lie in the Hall of Glory, until their Chapters call for their return, or that they remain there as a testament to their achievements.

Elsewhere in Watch Fortress Erioch, the Omega Vault broadcasts an unknown transmission, which the Techpriests have yet to decipher

462.999.M41 The Hammer breaks upon the Orks of the Koronus Expanse

Kill-Team Hammer of Dawn emerge from the warp near the worlds of the Undred-Undred Teef, and make planetfall before the Nemesis Thule, the cursed Space Hulk they were marooned in, returns once more to the warp. Observing the Orks from hidden positions, they make ready to retake a relic of the Great Crusade, a Sicaran Battle Tank. Secreting themselves upon the Ork Warboss’ flagship, they discover a collusion between the loathsome xenos and the hated Traitor Legions, whom they have encountered previously.

Without time to deal with both threats, they choose to cripple the Ork flagship by taking over one of the Zzap turrets, turning it upon the bridge before they make their extraction to the arriving Bansidhe. Until they find passage through the Warp Gate, they are attached to the vessel of Aiofe Armengarde as she makes for a feudal world to support a fellow Rogue Trade Dynasty.

496-622.999.M41 A Fleeting Horizon

The De Laurant Dynasty endeavours to complete a clause in their Warrant, by attempting to colonize the Feudal World of Chauvenum. After a series of events best told elsewhere, the planet is saved from certain destruction with the combined forces of the Dynasty, Mechanicum and the Deathwatch. The Nemesis Thule mysteriously makes a visitation of the planet moments before final victory, but leaves with little fanfare soon after, but not before an ancient Lunar-Class Cruiser was pried from it’s surface. As thanks for their efforts, the Explorator Fleet of Mortigen Hale labour to restore the ancient vessel for use by the Dynasty.

Unfortunately, vital raw materials are lacking for its complete restoration and must be secured beforehand, and once more the De Laurant Dynasty leave their new Colony to husband their assets.


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