Special Rogue Trader Rules

Rogue Trader Special Rules

Herein are the consolidated rules that apply to Rogue Trader Characters, as well as certain actions only they can perform

Profit Factor Break-Points

As your Explorers gain more power and prestige in the increase of their Profit Factor, so too does it become more difficult to accumulate. Once you reach a particular Break-Point, certain deeds or Endeavours will no longer increase your Profit Factor, as they become mere footnotes in your glorious history, or are too minuscule in their profit as to be insignificant to your capital. Conversely, they also grant intangible benefits to your Explorers as your sheer influence can sweep under the rug “minor” offences such as murder of random civillians or theft in the lower levels, to outright xenos retaining or associations at the highest levels.

A breakdown is below:

50 = Can no longer gain Profit Factor from Minor Endeavours or Deeds (the first time they destroy or encounter a xenos race or similar event)

70 = Can no longer gain Profit Factor from Lesser Endeavours or Deeds (rooting out pirate bases, heretic cults, one-off Cold Trade transactions)

90 = Can no longer gain Profit Factor from Greater Endeavours, Deeds or Peer Talents (discovering new planets, small business concerns such as smuggling rings or beast hunts, a good word in the halls of Scintilla, survive xenos-infested planets etc.)

110 = As this point, only the larger Meta Endeavours or the most heroic or heinous of deeds will increase you Profit Factor, such as a Crusade, exploitation of entire sectors of space (Winterscale’s Realm is an example of this), or discovery of STC fragments

Specific Peer Groups

Specific Peer Groups work differently from standard Peer Groups, as instead of adding a +10 to Interaction Tests, it adds one Degree of Success per rank of the Peer Talent on a successful Interaction Test with that specific group. So there are advantages to developing contacts amongst smaller or less influential groups! Rules are sourced from Enemies Within page 76.

The “Away-Team”


The concept of the Away-Team is a nebulous pool of manpower you can draw upon when you feel that your Explorers involving themselves would be inappropriate or inconvenient to them (roleplay wise). Of course, it is possible to have a mix of Explorers and the Away team as the situation arises.

You have the choice of either building up the Away Team as you wish, or outright hiring established groups as needed. Rules for building up an Away Team from scratch are below, but for hiring NPC’s, you can consult the section below on the cost of hiring by quality and how many. You can of course have combinations of the two. However, you cannot improve the Characteristics of hired individuals, only hire better ones!


Whether you hire or create your Away Team from scratch, they are generally categorized into five profiles as noted below:

Creed – Associated with converting a population, rooting our heretics or maintaining their faith to the Emperor, this Profile possesses the (Knowledge OR Social) and (Fellowship OR Perception) Aptitudes

Criminal – Associated with illicit activities, this Profile possesses the (Fieldcraft OR Finesse) and (Agility OR Social) Aptitudes

Exploration – Associated with cataloging stellar bodies, planets and the flora and fauna of a given area, this Profile possesses the (Fieldcraft OR Knowledge) and (Intelligence OR Perception) Aptitudes

Military – Associated with armed conflict and preventing hostile actions, this Profile possesses the (Offence OR Defence) and (Weapon Skill OR Ballistic Skill) Aptitudes

Trade – Associated with the affairs of commerce, this Profile possesses the (Knowledge OR Social) and (Intelligence OR Fellowship) Aptitudes

Of course, if you are unsatisfied with these options, players are encouraged to talk to the Game Master with customizing the five Profiles that they have on hand

Upkeep and Hiring Profiles

Hiring and maintaining your retinue of servants can be costly! You can Hire NPCs with the modifiers as noted below, and the Upkeep Tests for both Hired and Created Profiles follow the same modifiers, but you enjoy a +20 bonus.

Failure in the Upkeep Test results in lowered Scale by one step as well as a -10 penalty to Tests using the Away Team due to lowered morale (no pay!) and/ or lack of proper equipment.

Quality/ Rarity

Plentiful (Base Citizen Profile) = +20
Average (Low level adepts) = +0
Scarce (Full Ecclesiarchy Clerics) = -10
Rare (Professionally trained soldiers such as the Imperial Guard or Mercenaries) = – 20
Very Rare (Tech priest Magos, Storm Troopers) = -30
Extremely Rare (Sisters of Battle) = -40
Near Unique (Adeptus Astartes) = – 60
Unique (Deathwatch, Imperial Assassins, Xenos) = -80


Negligible (Just One Man!) = +20
Trivial (a Squad of 5-10 men) = +10
Minor (a small Administratum sect of 30-50 men) = +0
Standard (the average press-gang mob of a hundred men) = -10
Major (the “average” Imperial Guard Regiment of 500-1000 fighting men) = -20
Significant (an Explorator coven and their attendant servants of 2000 to 5000 helots) = -40
Vast (a small army of 10000 to 50000 men at arms) = -60

Creating Profiles from Scratch

By default, the Away Team Profiles you create from scratch start with the Citizen Profile from Dark Heresy Second Edition, page 392, and can choose any equipment so long as they do not exceed the Common (+10) Availability (as per DH 2nd ED) until such a time you invest in them.

Improving the Profiles

To invest in your Away Team Profiles’ Characteristics, Skills and Talents, the entire group as a whole must spend Experience Points to increase the Characteristics or to add Skills or Talents to a particular Profile, with Experience Points costs modified by their Aptitudes as per Dark heresy Second Edition. It is possible for fewer Explorers to contribute XP, but they must each the Experience Cost as if all the Explorers were contributing to represent the effort in improving their personnel on their own. For example, a single Explorer out of five would need to spend five times to improve their personal team!

The GM is the final arbiter on what you can add to a particular Profile at any given time, or if there are requirements needed, such as trainers. For example, while it is not a stretch to say that an elite soldier can have Tech Use as a Skill, it may be too much for the same soldier profile to also have Sleight of Hand or Commerce as part of their repertoire!

To improve your Away Team’s equipment, the group must invest their Profit Factor, lowering their Profit Factor by 1 + 1 per step above Common they want a profile to have access to. Note that you must go through each Availability step! (You cannot spend 7 Profit Factor to jump and access Unique Equipment without going through the other Availability levels!). The Game Master is the final arbiter on what a particular Profile has access to. For example, while a soldier will probably appreciate Carapace Armour, a scribe tasked with perusing trade agreements will not (in most cases!)

Background Endeavours

As per the additional rules in Into the Storm (p.210), you can have your Away Team perform Background Endeavours as well, investing a set amount of Profit Factor in a given task, wherein the Game Master secretly rolls as to how long until they complete their given task as well as chance of Success (or failure!). The Explorers can perform tests before the start of the Background Endeavour to try and properly guide the Away Team and grant bonuses to the hidden Tests.

Failure in a Background Endeavour means loss of the investment, and perhaps more losses (depending on a d100 roll and consulting the results chart)

Success normally grants 1 to 2 Profit Factor, but can increase based on the complexity of the Endeavour. Normally however, they have lower gains compared to the Explorers performing the Endeavours themselves. Since if you want something done right…

Special Rogue Trader Rules

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