Dramatis Personae

Player Characters

Rogue Trader – A Game of Thrones™

Magdalana Juila Aubigny De LaurantRogue Trader and Lord Captain

Eldest of two Rogue Trader sisters in a fallen dynasty, Lady Captain Magdalana seeks repose in missionary duty and retribution for her parents’ murder.

Gillam SawyerFactor and Enginseer Primus

Novice Factor from Accatran Forge and recently-appointed Explorator to the De Laurant. Enginseer Primus aboard the Lion’s Stride

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Deathwatch – The Break of Dawn™

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Chaos Warband

Oculax the UnchangedMaster of the New Corvidae and Augur of the Red Cyclops

A favored adviser to Magnus the Red, this Chaos Sorcerer has slipped through the Cadian Gate to make way to the Koronus Expanse. Leading a group of chosen warriors from the Long War, he seeks a power that can advance his master’s enigmatic schemes.

As the Master of the New Corvidae, his powers of foresight are legendary, able to deflect blade and shell alike as the need arises, and even slipping through the guard of the greatest of swordsmen on a whim. What knowledge of the Red Cyclops has been given has only increased his power and influence, able to befuddle the minds of even Astartes or quicken the Rubicae at his command.

FabiusLash of Fulgrim

A master swordsman and duelist second only to Lucius, but unlike the Soulthief, his pride has prevented him from accepting gifts from the Dark Gods, relying only on his formidable skill and experience. He is most known for his use of a prehensile whip, keeping foes at bay while using his warp-charged sabre for the final blow.

Vocius PraeconiVox Domini

A veteran of the Great Crusade, his fall from grace has led him from the Eye of Terror to the wilderness space of the Koronus Expanse under the leadership of the Augur. His decadence and addiction to extreme senses is easily seen in the Sonic Weaponry he uses, a Blastmaster as well as a massive amplifier that together, can shatter armour and bones alike with their intensity.

LaurusButcher of Molech

A mass of muscle and aggression even by World Eater standards, his stature hides a being who has mastered the Butcher’s Nails driven into him, a sign of his formidable willpower and self-control. He earned his title in the distant past of the Horus Heresy, where he slew Imperial Knights in the desperate battles on the surface of Molech.

Alpha Legion Cell

A thorn in the side of Kill Team Hammer of Dawn, their activities in the Koronus Expanse have little forewarning and they bring to bear ten thousand years of experience with them when they finally choose to enter the field of battle. That the Alpha Legion would take interest in the Koronus Expanse is worrying to the leadership of Erioch as it may hint that they may have some knowledge of the Warp Gate or worse, another way that they are unaware of.

Proof of their involvement is the similarities in battle designations they use, drawn from an ancient Terran alphabet. So far, Kill Team Talon has intercepted the vox designations of A, Δ, Σ and Ω, but have only ever directly encountered one in the field, Alpha.

Non-Player Characters

Rogue Trader – A Game of Thrones™

Lottia SeikilosThe Burning Princess

First prospect as successor to the Writ, she was saved from the Black Ships at no small cost by her father, no doubt to protect his investment rather than his daughter. A potent psyker who can manifest fire at a mere gesture, hers is a more instinctual practice compared to the strict discipline of the Scholastica Psykana. At her coming of age, Mikaelus judged her unfit to bear the writ, much to her displeasure. Spire Seikilos still bears the scars of her passage, with the Dynasty one ship less.

She absconded with the Seikilos flagship at the time, the Victory-Class Battleship, The Praetorian. She now plies the stars between Koronus and Calixis, raiding and trading as she pleases, but is vocal in her intent to wrest control of the Writ for herself. Not above piracy and mercenary work for cartels, she has only become more notorious over the years, having a sizeable bounty among the Imperial Navy and the Calixian Conclave as well.

The Calixian Conclave believes that she was born with unnatural psychic power, approaching Alpha-level status. However, with the decades since her disappearance, it is unknown as to the psychic power she now possesses, or what influence she has on the various groups vying for control in the Koronus Expanse.

Faran SeikilosTrader Militant and Crusader

The second investment of the Dynasty, he was everything that a Rogue Trader should be – cunning, charming, and most of all, willing to ignore certain figures of authority for profit. Not long after Lottia’s flight from Scintilla, he was already experienced enough to venture with his father to the Koronus Expanse. Here, he learned of the Cold Trade, certain family pacts with powerful Imperial institutions, and the “normal” day-to-day business of a Rogue Trader.

However, for reasons unknown, his father banished him from the Dynasty soon after their last sojourn and was given a token force to set out on his own. He would emerge a few years later at the head of an Imperial Navy fleet in Scintilla, rounding up recruits for a crusade outside the Sector.

Karak SeikilosChancellor of the Dynastic House

The third attempt at grooming a worthy heir, Karak grew up with his younger brother in the dynastic home in Scintilla, learning the fineries and etiquette of noble life. Despite his breeding, he frequently leaves the upper spires for the “adventures” of the lower hives, eventually braving the underhives with his erstwhile friends, including one Adrienne Armengarde. He expressed very little interest in taking up the mantle of Rogue Trader, and was immersed in the politics of the Lucid Palace and the social maneuverings of the nobility.

Forfeiting his right to claim the Writ, he has become the family’s representative in Imperial politics, cementing their influence in Scintilla, while his younger brother secures their fortunes beyond the Maw.

Ydrienne ArmengardeMIstress of the Armengarde Warrant

A stern woman coming upon her second century, her pallid face bears the facade of one who has endured much hardship to secure her fortunes. She has recently stepped down as Lady-Captain of the Bansidhe, giving the reins to her sole daughter, who has become the de-facto bearer of their Warrant.

Aiofe ArmengardeMistress of the Bansidhe and Master Duellist

At her coming of age, she proved her ascendancy in no uncertain terms as she convincingly beat another newly christened bearer of a different Warrant on his own celebration ball, causing no small scandal in the spires of Scintilla. Now the Mistress of her dynasty’s flagship, she too has ventured in to the Koronus Expanse to secure her family’s fortune. With her family’s strong Imperial Navy background, she has become an unofficial representative of both Battlefleet Calixis and Koronus’ interests.

Faye MoriaMistress of Footfall

It is no small mystery how this young woman became the undisputed ruler of Footfall, for the previous lord was a ruthless man who killed any and all dissenters. All that is known about her rise to power was the quartered remains of the former lord being found in the edges of Footfall’s asteroid clusters. Her influence is such that she is now the de facto master of Footfall, with the current Liege of Footfall seemingly satisfied with the current state of affairs.

While seemingly unfit to rule in the eyes of many due to her age, any rivals still follow her commands no matter how demanding and Footfall has seen the least violence during her reign.

Attar SoloketMaster of the Pit of Voices

While it is no true Imperial territory, Footfall still features a single example of an Imperial institution which ensures that it will continue to be invaluable to any who pass beyond the Maw: An Astropathic Choir.

Composed of outcast psykers and actual Astropaths who survived the loss of their ships, the False Choir serves as the sole line of communication for many deep in the Koronus Expanse. Led by an aged man whose sunken eyes betray an emptyness that no human should sink to, he performs his services for reasons unknown, for all he asks is that he and his choir be provided for and left alone atop the Emperor’s statue in the center of Footfall.

Gagaryn ArmstrongNavigator Prime of The Lion’s Stride

At first glance, you would think that the navigator would be behind his imposing figure, but Gagaryn comes from a Navigator House whose mutations manifest not as horrific physical deformities, but that of unnatural physical strength paired with mental delusions of grandeur.

A head taller than most men, and much stronger than two, Gagaryn has pursued compacts with the Imperial Navy and more bellicose Rogue Traders for the better part of the century, reveling in ship to ship combat. This has caused some friction with those he has served with, the latest being an unfortunate Viper-Class Scout Sloop, where he “accidentally” exited the warp within engagement distance of a Slaughter-Class Cruiser.

Now serving with the De Laurant Dynasty in exchange for control of the broadsides during battle as well as rights of glory against Chaos raiders, he has proven himself to be a gifted, if eccentric navigator.

Alaric ViatusChoirmaster of The Lion’s Stride

A man of formal demeanor and reserved words, his eyes are hidden behind ancient leathers tanned beneath the sun of Holy Terra, accentuated by the icon of the Scholastica Psykana as its buckle.

By far the oldest living officer, or indeed, servant of the Dynasty, he has seen off two generations of the De Laurant Dynasty, and just may see off a third before rejuventat treatments are overcome by the weight of his age.

He has yet to be called upon for his talents by the newest bearers of the Warrant, but that is only a matter of time.

Prefect PolanskiPrefect-Representative of House Krin

A representative sent from the center of power in the Calixis Sector, he has been sent in the wake of the utter destruction of their Koronus sub-sect to rebuild their presence amongst Rogue Traders.

The speed at which House Krin has dispatched personnel to Port Wander shows that they have a vested interest in maintaining their interests outside Imperial space.

Sister SabrinaSister-Superior of the Opening Eye

A woman in her late twenties, she has the debatably envious position as being the adviser and seneschal of Aspyce Chorda. Despite her training and upbringing in the Orders Famulous, she has a decisively different demeanour from what one would expect to be the bearing of a Sororitas.

Judge SevillaMaster of Precinct Koronus

One of the most dutiful and competent Judges serving in Calixis, she has declined the honour of ascension to the ranks of the Inquisition to pursue the many heretics that prowl beyond the Maw. While politically connected, the realities of her position soon set in as she has found her means of prosecution lacking. This has all changed when a Rogue Trader Dynasty by the name of De Laurant aimed to support her and gain a new ally.

Now in command of two void-worthy vessels, she means to enforce Imperial Law in the lawless expanse.

Mortigen HaleArch Magos of the Disciples of Thule

Foremost student of Paracelsus Thule, he has embraced his master’s Quest for Knowledge with much fervor and is one of the few individuals alive who has had contact with the Arch Magos himself. Despite recently coming to five hundred years of age, he has not slowed down in his quest and is only rarely seen outside the Koronus Expanse.

Liam McLeod, the Sword-Gale from SacrisTempest Blade of the Storm Wardens

Hailing from the finest swordmasters of Highcastle, Liam was attached to the Explorator Fleets of Mortigen Hale to assist the Archmagos on his latest sojourn into the Koronus Expanse. While bound by at times convoluted ties of fealty, he has remained true to his oath not only to the Mechanicus and his Chapter, but also of the Death-Oath that he pursues against his predecessor’s killer to this very day.

████ – ██████ ████ of the █████ ███████

A looming figure not found far from Liam, he too is tithed to the Mechanicus, but unlike Liam, he does so in place of another Chapter. Unable to send their own, he was chosen to go in their stead. A man of few words and less manners, he is completely focused on his duties for the honour of his Brother Chapter. Mortigen Hale is reluctant to divulge the details of his tenure, much less his origins, but he is no doubt skilled in the secrets of the Omnissiah to say the least.

Deathwatch – The Break of Dawn™

MordigaelBlood Angel, Watch Commander and Master of the Vigil

He has served the Emperor for half a millennium and answered the call of the Deathwatch two times before, even serving in the Jericho reach once before. He is serving his third tenure here in the Jericho Sector for the past fifty years and became Master of Vigilance a decade ago.

CearrStorm Warden, Watch Captain

An outgoing man whose brand of camaraderie is either scathing wit or impromptu duels, only Servais is exempt from his good nature. The loss of their first company and Chapter Master to the Nemesis Incident motivates Cearr to find the truth about the Nemesis Incident and asks Inquisitors about it whenever he can. Circumventing Inquisitional censure on the matter, he volunteers his kill-team on missions he feels that will bring him closer to the truth.

ServaisRaven Guard, Watch Captain and former Shadow Captain

Only a year in his service to the Watch, he has proven himself a master sniper and infiltrator, if a man with quiet mannerisms. His nature and tactics are at odds with Cearr, with the two coming to blows often, but never with lethal force. He was a Sergeant under Shrike and his skills developed further in the Deathwatch.

PellasRaven Guard, Watch Captain and former Master of Recruits

Your Watch Captain and former Captain of the Raven Guard Tenth Company, his tenure with the Watch ensures that his return to the Chapter will not be forthcoming. He was the one who chose Korvydae as his replacement upon answering the call.

KorvydaeRaven Guard and former Master of RecruitsDECEASED

Former Captain of the Raven Guard tenth company, he is under self-imposed exile for his failed raid on Kastorel-Novem, ultimately causing a chain of events that led to the current siege of Deliverance against the Ork horde. He feels doubly responsible as he was chosen by Pellas to become Captain on his leave.

AxinetonWhite Consul , Epistolary and Librarian

Only recently arriving to serve the Watch, he is fascinated about the true purpose of the Deathwatch here in the Jericho Reach and knows more of its past and present than anyone alive in the fortress. A powerful psyker and veteran against the Tyranid menace, he lets no error go unnoticed and has a reputation of speaking only to condemn in the gatherings of the Chamber of Vigilance.

GreyweaverSpace Wolf and Master of the Forge

An Iron Priest with a traditional bent; he refuses to use mechanical presses and bans their use in the forges of Erioch. Despite voiced complaints on decorating the major workshops with totems of the Iron Wolf and other Space Wolf paraphernalia, none have been able to best his skill in artifice and smithing. He is also frequently at odds with Carmillus and other members of the Crucible’s Resolviate and only lets xenos tech in begrudgingly.

HyzeronUltramarine and Honor Guard of the Chamber of Vigilance

He has been in the Reach for four hundred years, and stood as honor guard to the Chamber of Vigilance for over two centuries. He is a repository of knowledge regarding past events in the Reach as well as hearsay in the fortress, leaving him a great asset to Anixeton in his search.

CarmillusInquisitor and Master of the ChamberDECEASED

Aged but unbowed, she has been the Inquisition’s voted representative for over sixteen years and her travails as a warrior put her on equal terms with the super soldiers she regularly deals with. Aside from her duty here, she keeps tight grip on her own motivations and is a loud voice for destroying the warp gate if – when – the crusade ever fails. This would never come to pass as she was killed by a foul xenos infiltrator, and the mantle of her station passed onto her most promising pupil.

QuistInquisitor and protégé of Carmillus

A young inquisitor and talented psyker, she has borne the Rosette for only five years but has proven to be as driven as her mentor in hunting heretics as well as xenos. Her affiliation with the Crucible’s Resolviate puts her and Carmillus at great odds with Greyweaver on matters of philosophy and protocol. Soon after the disappearance of her Kill Team, she left her station as Inquisitor of the Chamber, leaving the Jericho Reach for the distant Calixis Sector. Years later, she leaves for the forsaken Askellon Sector, with formal calls for her return to the Tricorn Palace to answer for charges of Heresy soon after. She is currently hunted by an Acolyte under an Inquisitor based in Askellon.

Dark Heresy – Tenebrae™


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